Lil' Brewers Lighthouse Cafe

Specialty Menu

The Lil' Brewers have specialty drinks that match with each themed room plus pleanty of other wonderful treats to go alongside them

  • Fairy room: Pink Blossom tea- A cold beverage old rose/black tea brewed to perfection, mixed with a Lavender cream and topped with lavender and rose with specialty rose shaped ice when melting the flower petals separate into individual petals

  • Gothic Library: Mad Duchess -Black Sesame Crème tea with small tapioca pyramids that line the bottom, top with a charcoal infused black whipped sweet cream

  • Oriental Room: Tsukuyomi's Moon tea: A milk brewed oolong and Cherry wood bark tea, topped with a cherry infused cream and dried cherry skins.

  • Modern Cafe: Sunshine Spirits- A green tea and strawberry leaf brewed tea, mixed with a Citrus Infused effervescent water to give it that amazing bubble and brighten your day, optional to add cream and make this a rich surprise.

Regular Menu

Our Tea Shop Tier sets

  • The Queens Tier This tier consists of three tiers of snacks and treats.

  • The bottom row consists of 2 different types of sandwiches, one a pecan chicken salad, the filling mixed with fresh roasted chicken with a mixture of herbs and lemon. Mixed with a egg based cream, Pecans and some slight fruits with freshness attached to the sandwich, with an outer layer of walnuts to give it a fresh crunch. The second Sandwich is a cucumber and light ovim cream layered sandwich with a touch of citrus to make it truly blossom.

  • Second Tier There will be numerous miniature scones and samplings of raw local honey, mixed berry preserves, and a Citrus Marmalade next to creamed butter to be placed upon he scones and crumpets.

  • Top tier will have numerous small petite fours and many chocolate dipped fruit slices. There are a small variety of cookies that are decorated with small minions from the game ranging from tonberries, fat cats, chocobos and moogles.

  • The Princess Tier

  • This tier is a two tier segment that consists of one sandwich tier and one dessert tier.

  • The bottom tier Will be with a choice of cold smoked salmon, topped with an egg based cream sauce as well as dill and lemon to brighten the fish. This will also have a choice of a Nut based sauce and a preserve of your choice or honey as your other sandwich option

  • Top Tier Will have an assortment of seasonal fruits and a soft chocolate sauce to dip and drizzle or honey as well. There will be a few chocolates and petite fours of their choosing having an option of two choices and two items will come from the choices that are given from the list of desserts.

Regular Items

  • scones Always available in regular, lemon poppy seed, honey, Citrus, and raspberry, other seasonal scones may be available.

  • Crumpets come in regular, lemon, citrus, honey, and blueberry, other seasonal crumpets may be available

  • Fruit plate An assortment of fruits served with honey, the assortment varies for the season

  • Petite fours Numerous flavors will be rotated throughout the seasons for now the flavors are: Mint chocolate, Bourbon Pecan, Pumpkin Caramel, and orange/lemon.

Tea list

  • Green tea

  • Oolong Tea

  • Matcha

  • White Tea

  • Pu-erh

  • Yellow tea

  • Mulberry black tea

  • Chai

Herbal Tea list

  • Peppermint

  • Rosehip

  • Rubios

  • Ginger

  • Lemongrass

  • Tulsi/holy basil

  • Anise

  • Eucalyptus

  • Iceland Moss

  • Ginko

  • Sage

  • Raspberry Leaf

  • Elderberry Flower

  • Lindon Flower

( Made with Carrd )